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Although it takes more time, choosing to build your own property instead of buying it ready has some advantages. By building, it is possible to materialize the property according to the dreams and needs of the family.

In addition, any renovations or adjustments that might be required in a ready-to-buy property are waived. If you choose to build and do not have the money saved, where to finance the construction? In this article, we will present the loan terms offered by . Check out!

GFI Building Materials


It is possible, on the bank’s website, to simulate the amount to be paid for the loan. For GFI – building materials, the proponent must undergo credit analysis. Fees may vary between product simulation and contracting due to market variations. The IOF (Tax on Financial Transactions) is included in the value of the installments.

In addition, it is necessary to present the budget of building materials to have the approved credit.

The conditions offered by are installment up to 48 times, with up to 62 days to pay the first installment. The minimum amount is $ 500 and the maximum $ 500,000. No entry is required and installments are deducted from the checking account.

We simulated the amount of $ 50,000 48 times without entry, and obtained installments of $ 2,258.02, with interest rate of 3.6% per month and including IOF, CET (total effective cost) of 3.84% per month and 57.22% pa

It is worth mentioning that the use of the borrowed amount can be done in an accredited network, and to know it, you need to seek your agency.

Real Estate Credit Construction


For those seeking longer or longer value financing, offers another type of loan, within the SFH (Housing Finance System).

This credit line is for the construction of real estate estimated at up to R $ 1,500,000.00, with installments of up to 25 years and financing of up to 70% of the value of the work. Labor costs are not included in the financing.

The client has up to two months to repay the installment, and upon completion of the property, the GFIC can be used for debt repayment. After making the loan, the customer has up to two years to complete the property.

The minimum amount of financing is R $ 350,000.00, with interest rate of 10.70% pa (per year). On the value of the installments, the customer can choose the SAC (Constant Amortization System), in which the value of the installment is higher at the beginning and decreases as the years go by, or TP (Table Price), which works at on the contrary: smaller plots at the beginning and higher plots at the end

For hiring the service, at least 30% of the property must already be completed. You must also be 18 years of age and present a number of documents, including personal documents and approval of the architectural project by the responsible body. The property must be in the name of the tenderer.

As with all real estate financing, the client must also take out the Good Compulsory Home Insurance, which covers death or permanent disability or physical damage to the property. offers two insurance options: Seguros or Aliança do Brasil. But if you prefer, the customer can choose another company.

After approval, a feasibility study of the work will be required. Only after approval, the contract can be signed and the value released.

For properties valued at over R $ 1,500.00


If the property you want to build is valued at more than $ 1,500.00, the mode of credit is the same as presented in the previous topic. However, the option to use the GFIC will not be granted and the annual interest rate will be 11.7%.

Regardless of the value of the property, some fees will be charged at the beginning of the loan, such as the feasibility study fee, the first installment of housing insurance and the contract registration fee with the Real Estate Registry.

When choosing your loan mode, study the contract and check for other fees and insurances that may have been included without your permission. Make sure the value of the installments fits your budget: Experts recommend that the monthly fee should not exceed 30% of the monthly rent.

Construction loan options at

In this article, we introduce you to ‘s two loan options for building your home.

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