When does the Raccoon City map return to Dead by Daylight?

Dead by Daylight has had many horror crossovers, the most recent being Resident Evil.

The crossover saw characters from the series, including Nemesis as the new killer, enter the survival horror game. He also added the iconic Raccoon City Police Station as one of his maps.

Unfortunately, the excitement of Resident Evil’s addition to Dead by Daylight was quickly dampened. Issues with the new map caused the developers to scrap it for the time being.

When the Raccoon City Police Station returns to Dead by Daylight

Image via interactive behavior
Image via interactive behavior

Almost as soon as the Resident Evil additions to Dead by Daylight were added, Raccoon City was removed. On June 15, 2021, the Dead by Daylight Twitter account noted the removal of the new map.

Players were experiencing game crashes whenever attempting to enter the Raccoon City Police Station map. This is of course not ideal and the map has been completely removed from play until further notice.

Fans are wondering when exactly the Raccoon City Police Station map will return to Dead by Daylight? The answer is really anyone’s guess at this point, but it could be soon enough.

Players are still hard at work as survivors and killers, patiently but eagerly awaiting the return of the new content snatched from them so quickly. A new bug fix has been released, hopefully fixing the issue with the map.

Dead by Daylight players can learn more about the patch via a link posted by the official Twitter. Many commenters are asking about the Raccoon City Police Station map and if it is playable.

Well, the map is back, but there’s a catch. The developers are still trying to figure out the problem with the crash. For now, it is only available in custom matches rather than matchmaking lobbies. Stay tuned for more information from Dead by Daylight on when the issue will be fully resolved.

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