UCLA Bruins New Years Resolutions

Without a bus in Westwood?

If the QB drama wasn’t enough, the kelly chip the contract situation quietly and systematically enters the territory of the saga. Reports say contract negotiations have been going on for several weeks and continue to stagnate as Chip enters the final season of his original 5-year contract. The elephant in the room is January 15the, after which the $ 9 million buyout in Kelly’s contract drops to zero and both parties can walk away debt-free to each other.


From Jarmond’s perspective, the friction makes sense: Kelly wasn’t his hire, and while 8-4 was a tremendous step in the right direction, I’m sure he would like to see another year before he make a long-term commitment. . After all, he has to manage UCLA Athletics’ cumulative $ 40 million debt over two years, and offering Kelly a new long-term contract with another big buyout isn’t financially responsible. Those who think that UCLA is a “nickel and diming” at the expense of excellence, do not understand the dynamics of investment of the university. For example, USC’s endowment is $ 5.9 billion and UCLA’s is $ 5.5 billion. So, contrary to popular belief, they have roughly the same amount of money. While athletics is a different source of money, the way these two schools fundraise is consistent across functions and radically different from each other.

USC relies on fewer people to write larger checks, while UCLA relies on many more people to write smaller checks. This is an important strategic issue because if Mike bohn can call their 6-7 major donors and quickly assess their support on new benefits / flexible contracts for Lincoln riley, Jarmond must manage the budget like a financial steward of a company that has no surplus.

This means Jarmond likely offered Kelly a modest, insurmountable no-buyout contract extension to maintain financial and operational flexibility. Plus, the two best UCLA football boosters, Casey wasserman and Troy aikman, shelled out the vast majority of Kelly’s original $ 23.3 million contract, and quite possibly wants to see more wins next season before they return to their checkbooks.

From Kelly’s perspective, the friction also makes sense: it was his actual third year and he led UCLA to its most winning streak in six seasons. In addition, the coach salary market took off at the end of 2021. Mel tucker, who used a similar transfer portal approach and only earned two more wins than Kelly after equally tough seasons through Michigan and Colorado. He collected $ 95 million over 10 years in a public school. Now I’m sure Kelly doesn’t expect that level of pay, but he probably wants more stability than the modest buyout currently on the table.

This leaves UCLA with two options apart from the obvious coming to a negotiated middle ground. Kelly could train the 2022 season as a lame duck with no guarantees of an extension. Something most coaches wouldn’t consider given their lack of recruiting leverage or job security in this scenario. However, given UCLA’s relatively light non-conference schedule, Kelly could train into a very attractive contract at the end of the 2022 season with another 8-9 winning season and a massive paycheck from the. UCLA or somebody else at the end of that rainbow. . Plus, it’s not like traditional recruiting is part of Kelly’s core strategy, so he wouldn’t hurt as much as a traditional recruiter.

Alternatively, Jarmond could wait for the NFL’s ‘Black Monday’ on January 10.e. It’s the first Monday of every NFL offseason and the day all coaching layoffs take place. One name to watch out for is Matt Rhule, very in the hot seat with the Carolina Panthers, but has enjoyed tremendous success, leading both Temple and Baylor to double-digit winning seasons, respectively. He’s an incredible program builder, known to turn things around tough, and the ONLY trainer who is a better alternative to Kelly. The timeline, in this case, sets in nicely where Jarmond could feel the sacked NFL coaches on the 10th.e or 11e, then set up potential interviews on the 15e, the day Kelly’s redemption expires.

Lots to digest, but between Caleb, Chip, Martin, and Monday…

The next 10 days could set up the next 10 months.

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