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TOWNSHIP – Traditional Arts of Upstate New York is looking for community members with Barn Quilts displayed on their properties to add their Barn Quilts to the St. Lawrence County Barn Quilt Google Map.

In connection with the “St. Lawrence County Barn Quilts Project and Exhibition at the TAUNY Center in Canton, TAUNY and SLC Arts worked on adding barn quilts to the County Barn Quilts Google Map. St. Lawrence, which is a public map that lists the locations of barn quilts, photos, and other details of barn quilts hanging around the county.

Today, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., TAUNY will be hosting a St. Lawrence County Quilt Google Map Call Day for people who want to map their quilt but need help. . Whether people have questions about how to create a “Submitted” account or what to include in their ad, or prefer to send a photo and share their story over the phone instead, the staff at TAUNY will be available to help you.

Interested barn quilt owners can call the TAUNY center at 315-386-4289, chat with TAUNY on Facebook (@thetaunycenter) or email TAUNY staff at [email protected], and someone will help you or will return shortly to answer questions and / or guide them through the process. Those who need to log in at another time, email or leave a message and TAUNY will set up a schedule to assist callers.

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