People Appreciated Google Map Logic in ‘Brahmastra’, Karan Johar Stopped Talking

Alia Bhatt and Ranbir Kapoor are not happy these days. Why not be happy? This year is very special for both of them. First of all, they both got married. Second, the two are going to become parents and now the third is gaining a lot of brahmastra. Brahmastra swept away the clouds of crisis that dominated the box office. While “Brahmastra Part 1 Shiva” was also boycotted ahead of release, the actor was also trolled. Recently, a user asked Karan Johar about the logic behind the movie Brahmastra, which Karan Johar thought was more correct to answer than to ignore.

It happened that a Twitter user asked the creators of Brahmastra how the secret of the ashram and the address of the ashram ended up on Google Map. By giving such logic, Brahmastra also earned 300 crores. Is it Indian creativity?

Before understanding this question, you must understand this scene from Brahmastra. There is a sequence where Alia Bhatt and Ranbir Kapoor are looking for a way to access a secret ashram. There is a secret society called Brahmansh. Nagarjuna helps them find this path. Meanwhile, this ashram is being searched using maps. Some people have questions about this. Now it has been answered by Karan Johar himself.

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Karan Johar justifies the map thing
In response to the user, Karan Johar wrote: This guru has also been like other people in the world. No one knows of the head of the brahmansha that his house is of arms. He lived like a normal person and that is why in the real world his address and name were fixed on Google Maps.

The Logic Debate Continues
Even after Karan Johar’s clarification, Twitter debate over logic and fun continued among users. Well, this movie is doing well at the box office. So far, it has done better than manufacturers’ expectations.


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