Over 400 Murals in Sacramento Now Have Their Own Epic Google Map

One man’s obsession is another man’s amazing Google map – or so it is. Bee Bag Sacramento Mural Map by interactivity editor Nathaniel Miller, which launched this fall and received accolades from The New York Times in its California Today newsletter on Tuesday.

While searching for a hobby while helping his mother recover from an injury, Miller was inspired by a “brainstorming session with a local nonprofit hoping to connect with millennials, Sacramento’s only Art Hotel and first mural festival”. to start pinning street art locations around the Golden State capital.

It turns out Sacramento’s exterior walls are filled with colorful art: Miller spent nearly all of 2016 pinning the locations of 420 murals, making sure to also include images and the names of the respective artists. .

“I started with the murals I was familiar with, searched local media for mentions of murals, identified others using Street View, scoured relevant hashtags on Instagram and checked local official blogs/lists/sources for more,” the diligent Miller explains on his blog, Sacramento Journalism Review. “I saw all of the murals on the map in person and, in keeping with the ephemeral nature of street art, some of the murals disappeared while I was working on the map.”

According to the New York Times, the murals showcase a range of talent, from the handiwork of elementary school children to works by established artists such as Irubiel Moreno (pictured above), Drew Merritt and Michelle Blade. Many of them are the result of the Sacramento Mural Festival, a week-long event in August 2016 that brought together street artists from around the world.

Luminous belly muralPhoto courtesy of LC Studio Tutto

Among Sacramento’s most famous murals is shiny belly, which covers the stretch of the Interstate-5 overpass that houses California’s largest farmers’ market. The mural depicts a blue sky and the abstract branches and leaves of the sycamores that once grew there. With the new wall map, Sacramento residents and visitors will be able to find this and other more hidden artistic gems, like Shaun Burner’s new mural on the garage doors of the California Automobile Museum. // Sacramento Wall Map, fusiontables.googleusercontent.com

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