New Google Map functionality will allow users to follow others’ recommendations

Google is bringing new features to its products in order to make the user experience more attractive and interactive. He recently released an update around Google Maps that would allow users to track themselves and their recommendations.

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Like noted in a blog, if a Google Maps user has shared photos, reviews, or lists publicly, you can now follow them and get their recommendations, tips, and updates in your Updates tab in Google Maps. This would allow you to stay on top of new recommendations.

Plus, you’ll also find new topic filters on Google Maps profiles, so you can see the topics and places people share the most, like pizza, brunch, camping, and parks. This will give you practical suggestions for the places around you.

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To give more control to the user, it has built-in settings so that users can manage and customize their Google Maps profile as per their choice. If you want people to follow you on Google Maps, an eligible user can go to their profile and follow a simple process. And users who are tracked on Google Maps can restrict their profile. So, with a restricted profile, you approve new subscribers before they can see contributions on your profile.

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