Leaked skate images offer a deeper look at the Fun City map and customization

Another video featuring leaked gameplay footage from Skate has been uploaded, offering a closer look at the Fun City map and more.

During EA Play Live in July 2020, EA announced the return of its beloved skateboard franchise, Skate. Over the next two years, new details about the project emerged piecemeal.

And in recent months, some of the most notable previews of the new title have hit the web via pre-alpha gameplay leaks.

In addition to warning fans against downloading unofficial Skate files, EA and developer Full Circle recently lifted the lid on the new title’s future. On the one hand, the next episode of Skate simply bears the title of skate.

The team also confirmed that it will launch as a free-to-play experience with no loot boxes and pay-to-win mechanisms.

Leaked Skate gameplay shows map and customization options

Despite EA’s relatively recent burst of news for Skate, leaks continue to make the rounds online, the latest of which comes from gameplay test footage.

The two-minute construction is visible here. Notably, it features a player character skating around a gray box level, popping ollies, grinding rails, and performing several other tricks.

After the one minute mark in the video, viewers can also get a glimpse of the Fun City map. A legend on the left side details points of interest which include bus stops, racing locations and a private park.

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Writing on the map itself indicates larger areas that players are likely to explore, such as a financial district, lighthouse, civic center, and central plaza.

Later in the leaked gameplay footage, the player opens Skate’s customization menu. The screen suggests that the title will feature in-game video editing tools and a “Build Kit” to create “Skate Parks” and a “Hangout Space”.

At this time, it’s unclear when EA will officially show off more experience in action. Skate also doesn’t have a firm release date at the time of writing.

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