India News | Noida Twin Towers: Road diversion on August 28, Google map updates

Roads leading to the soon to be demolished Supertech Twin Towers in Noida will remain modified on Sunday, while around 600 police officers including road traffic officers will be assigned to law enforcement.

The police said they made a recommendation and even Google Maps will be updated with real-time traffic updates. Green corridors will be created to facilitate the circulation of emergency vehicles.

“While several routes including those leading to the Twin Towers will be traveled from morning to evening, the Noida-Greater Noida highway will remain closed between 2 p.m. and 3 p.m.,” said DCP (Traffic) Ganesh Saha and DCP (Central Noida) Rajesh S briefed reporters on the preparations by August 28.

The twin towers are due to be demolished at 2:30 p.m. on August 28, following a Supreme Court order that found the structures were built in violation of standards.

About 400 police will be on duty, and 150 to 200 road traffic people will be working throughout the day. “We are trying to close the motorway as long as possible, although there is already very little traffic on Sunday afternoon. However, the detours and traffic arrangements have been made in such a way that it does not there will be no bottleneck,” said Saha.

“In addition, around the two companies that need to be evacuated, all vehicles inside will be prohibited from leaving early in the morning, and we will let vehicles leave at 7 a.m.,” he said.

DCP Rajesh S said around 5,000 residents of Emerald Court and ATS Village – two associations close to the Twin Towers – will be evacuated at 7am on Sunday.

He said nearly 3,000 vehicles would also be removed from companies during the day and people could only return after a safety briefing around 4 p.m. “Police support will also be put in place in both associations to facilitate the evacuation process,” Rajesh said. He added that six ambulances, four firefighters and more than 400 police would be deployed to the site, in addition to the NDRF and paramilitary teams.

According to the mandate, an exclusion zone with a radius of up to 50 meters will be created around the twin towers, in which no people or animals will be present, except for the demolition team.

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