GTA 6 release date update: Vice City map confirmed by trusted Rockstar leaker


One of Rockstar Games’ most notable leakers has struck again, bringing some incredible GTA 6-news related to our attention.

The (un) famous Rockstar source, @ Yan2295 Rockstar Games once said to stop providing Rockstar leaks because they were so consistently (and thoroughly) on the money.

Although Yan is now an “ex-Rockstar Games leaker” (I love that we live in a world where I can type this sentence and that’s totally understandable), it’s only at the request of Take-Two – after all, Yan noted that they would stop if Rockstar asked them to.

Although Yan2295 did not release any information, the well-known Rockstar source weighed in to share an opinion on something very interesting indeed.

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To fully understand this story, you need a little context.

Over the weekend, we reported that a rumor had circulated about a store owner in Florida who said he was asked if his premises could be visited by scouts.

The suggestion here is that the location would be for a project like GTA 6, or potentially a sequel to GTA Vice City.

There was suspicion surrounding the letter when we first reported it, but on closer inspection it appears that the letter (and the people involved!) Are legitimate professionals working in the industry.

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When will GTA 6 be released?


According to Yan:

“Leah, the letter’s scout, is legitimate.

“She mentioned in a podcast that she was working with a large digital media company, with which she signed an NDA.”

This suggests that Rockstar has indeed hired a professional spotter (whose experience is mostly rooted in film and television) to examine potential venues on which to base their next project.

In the podcast listed below (dated May 21, 2019), about seven minutes away, Leah Sokolowsky mentions some interesting facts about an unannounced future project – which is for a digital client, and which is different from what she’s been on. worked before.


“Recently, as you know, we’ve had a change in the types of productions coming to our state,” Sokolowsky said in the podcast.

“So I was also fortunate to have a big client who hired me to basically organize tours and site visits. It’s, uh, a digital media company.

“And I signed an NDA so I can’t reveal who it is. But they explored various parts of our state and other states in the southeast.

“And I planned and organized these tours for their staff and it was also a very interesting extension of what I normally do.”

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This information, coupled with what we know from the screening letter listed in the story above, seems to paint a picture of Rockstar Games basing their next project in the Miami or Florida area – apparently paving the way for a GTA game landing in Vice City.

It also fits in with an unverified Pastebin leak from a few years ago, which appeared to hint at the game’s return to the US East Coast.

“You’ll start off as a little guy in Liberty City doing weird chores and minor thefts and eventually make your way to Vice City where you’ll join a famous gang,” the leaker reported on Pastebin (you can see the entire from GTA 6 Leaked Vice City on the link).

Of course, Rockstar hasn’t revealed any of that information yet, and it’s all word of mouth based on letters that have appeared on Reddit.

We’re still waiting for official confirmation on the game and its existence, and we’re sure something will reveal itself soon – especially after the release of Red Dead Redemption 2 on PC.

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