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0 is a vibrant interactive website, online media company, vibrant social network, and comprehensive Connecting the Planet + Living Architecture resource promoting people, projects and solutions.

From green roof to green walls, building and sustainable landscapes, we cover the environmentally friendly technologies of living green infrastructure, low impact development and associated sustainable energies. We discuss projects, news, events, videos and social media and offer exclusive marketing and features on – greening our building envelopes inside and out. Interactive database of Google Map projects

The Project Database Landing Page is the second most visited page on our website, after the home page. Our goal here is to easily display our complete set of global projects searchable by type, date of completion, geographic location, designer, manufacturer, and more. There are currently more than 1750 projects worldwide in the database, with more every day.

And now we’ve added a new interactive map showing all the case studies from the project database using the most powerful mapping engine – Google Maps.

“Google Maps is a web service that provides detailed information about geographic regions and sites around the world. In addition to classic road maps, Google Maps offers aerial and satellite views of many places. In some cities, Google Maps offers street views that include photographs taken from vehicles. “Wikipedia

Here is the legend of the circular pin colors corresponding to the number of projects existing in the database for that particular location on the map. As you zoom in, the colors of the pins change accordingly:

  • Orange – more than 100 projects
  • Green olive – 11 to 99 projects
  • Teal – 2 to 10 projects
  • Red – A project

Once you get down to a Red pin, you can click on it to open a separate dialog that will display a “View Profile” button that will allow you to read more information about that particular project.

Google Map interactive project database

The symbols on the right side of the card represent the different functions. Hover to read, click to activate.

Google Map interactive project database

You can switch between Map and Satellite views, as follows:

Google Map interactive project database

Access the Google Map interactive project database

If we already have a project profile for you, you’re on the map. Otherwise, submit a new one – you will be listed as one of the profile authors. Don’t have time to prepare a great case study? Send us the minimum in an email to Get on the Map: Project Name or Private; City; Country; Type of project (Greenroof, Greenwall, Both); Privacy; at least one high resolution photo.

“Each project profile in the project database is a unique search page, indexed by all search engines. Designed as the ultimate living repository of project information, the Project Profile is designed as a living research document and can be updated at any time.
Linda S. Velázquez
Founder and publisher of

You can continue to send additional information if time permits, but for now your project can be found anywhere in the world! You are not a project manager, but you have new photos? Submit your images and we’ll give you photo credit.

We have been adding projects to since 1999. Help us update our existing case studies with new information and images about the projects.

Let’s continue to develop our Project database and the Interactive map of projects for the collective benefit of the living architecture community.

Established in 1999, is an interactive website, online media company, vibrant social network and most comprehensive online resource for green roofs, green walls and related fields promoting best practices in sustainable development.’s mission is a catalyst for the growing green architecture industry and the Earth’s connection to emerging trends in living architecture and nature-based infrastructure practices. We live in a blue-green world and represent an environmentally conscious industry that protects our environment by using green building envelope practices providing smart building solutions to our critical global climate change problems, urban heat islands , renewable energy, stormwater management, CSOs, water conservation, water and air pollution, floods, wildlife habitat, urban green spaces, food security – and much more. is the largest online news platform for green roofs and green walls and it is where various professionals find global projects in the international database of projects and products and services in the directory for their own projects.

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