Google Map update: Google has just simplified the use of Maps when traveling abroad


It often happens that when you visit a foreign country that has a different spoken or written language, it becomes a task to communicate with others regarding directions and navigation. Showing the place in the app in English doesn’t always work and you would like to be able to communicate in their native language so that they can understand and show you the way. Now it is possible. The search giant facilitates the use of the Maps application in foreign countries by integrating Google Translate inside.
As explained by Laszlo de Brissac, product manager at Google maps in a blog post, the feature allows your phone to speak the name of the place and address in the language. It can be done easily. “Just tap the new speaker button next to the place name or address, and Google The maps will say it out loud, making your next trip even easier. And when you want to have a more in-depth conversation, Google Maps will quickly link you to the Google Translate app, ”says Brissac.
It has been added that the Google translator of the Google Maps app uses text-to-speech technology which automatically detects the language used by the smartphone based on where you might need help. “For example, if your phone is set to English and you search for a place of interest in Tokyo, you will see the new speaker icon next to the name and address of the place so you can get real-time translation. ” explains Brissac.
This new feature will be available in the Google Maps app on Android and iOS devices later this month. As part of the update, the search giant will initially roll out support for 50 languages, with more to come later.

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