Google Map Hacking! Man uses 99 smartphones to ‘fake’ traffic [VIDEO]


Google Maps may have simply been tricked by a relatively basic hack, if a new music video is to be considered. The Google Maps service is an indispensable tool for people who drive a vehicle in a large city, providing details of traffic jams on major roads.

Many of us constantly consult Google Maps before heading to any location, to properly plan our routes. But the system is unreliable and can be hacked, as hysterically demonstrated by a man who used 99 smartphones and a handcart to cause false traffic jams in Berlin.

The man identified as Simon Weckert, a Berlin-based artist, pulled it off and detailed his discovery on his YouTube channel. In the video, Weckert is seen pulling 99 slot-activated smartphones into a cart through city streets.

The slowness of the cart and the fact that 99 smartphones were used caused Google Maps to buy that there were a lot of cars using the street which was actually empty. Google uses this technique to collect traffic data. Smartphones in cars give information to Google, including how fast they are moving and how many smartphones are on that particular street.

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If the speed is low and the number is high, Google will display that part of the street in red, suggesting that there is a traffic jam. The video shows the streets on Google Maps slowly turning from green to red, suggesting there was a traffic jam on these streets. Google’s navigation suggestions would then advise users to avoid these streets, even if they were clear to drive.

Weckert did not share any further details, so it is likely that this could have been rigged. If it is genuine, Google should ideally seek to prevent the use of such an exploit, as it could have very real and physical traffic implications.

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