Google Map employees get 90-day RTO extension

Contractors working for Google Maps have received a 90-day extension to their return to office (RTO) deadline.

Cognizant Technology Solutions employs approximately 200 people on behalf of Google’s Maps division. Employees were previously told they had to be back in the office five days a week, unlike direct Google employees who are only required in the office three days a week. Employees pushed back, even threatening a strike, forcing Google to acquiesce.

The Alphabet Workers Union supported the employees, despite being outside contractors, and tweeted the news of the RTO extension:

BREAKING: Google Maps Workers Victory! Today, Google Maps contractors informed management that they plan to go on strike due to unsafe working conditions imposed by the RTO date of 6/6. In less than 3 hours, workers won a 90-day extension – that’s the power to organize. – Alphabet Workers Union (@AlphabetWorkers), June 2, 2022

Employees at the Bothell, WA site initially resisted Google’s RTO terms for a variety of reasons, including concerns over COVID and rising gas prices.

It remains to be seen what action Google will take in the long term, but at least the employees in question got a meaningful reprieve.

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