Fortnite Update 10.31 Batman Skins, Items, Gotham City Map Changes, Challenges



Following the surprise, Fortnite update 10.31 This morning, dataminers uncovered a wealth of information before Epic Games had time to release the Fortnite 10.31 patch notes.

Many findings strongly hint at some sort of Batman-themed crossover for the game. Which given the previous crossovers, it doesn’t seem ridiculous to imagine one. Fortnite X Batman any event.

This includes, among other things, the addition of an explosive new Batarang and a Batman grappling gun. The description of the two items can be seen below for the curious:

  • Batman Grapnel Gun – Pull yourself to a target location, then deploy the Bat Cape!
  • Explosive Batarang – Batman’s Batarang. Focus on the players and stick to the walls. Explodes if it detects enemies nearby.

At this time, it’s not clear whether we’ll see a Batman or Joker skin, but given that the update contained over 10 other items that were encrypted files, we think we can see something.

In fact, well-known Fortnite Dataminer even tweeted in the last 10 minutes to point out that there were three skins related to Batman, 1 Female, 2 Male contained in the new game files.

In addition to this, there are also several clues to new upcoming skins found by @FNBRHQ . Although these are potentially just teasers ahead of some potential Halloween-themed cosmetics in the coming weeks.

Fans can also take a look at the new updated map, which can be seen below.

Fans noticed that Tilted Town, which had a western theme, would be transformed into something much more modern and potentially resembling something like Gotham City.

Although it is not as clear on the map, we have included a second image to show the new location of POIs with greater clarity.

We imagine that the implication of the rift tags could mean additional changes to the location when the full patch notes are revealed by Epic Games.

Maybe all the players will be transformed into Joker characters or something. Either way, this will be something wacky enough given the effects of rift beacons previously on the map.

One of the most interesting new features to have leaked has nothing to do with Batman.

However, this is a new feature that will definitely appeal to fans of all platforms (including mobiles).

According to Fortnite News, a new Fortnite Party Hub app is available.

The Party Hub is “a new feature that provides a space to connect with your friends as you prepare to enter Fortnite.”

Essentially, you are able to see which friends are online, start a game, and chat with that game before you jump into the game on any platform.


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