All Rise Of The Tomb Raider Side Missions, Ranked

In Rise Of The Tomb Raider, all side quests given by NPCs are close to each other. There are nine of these missions in total, each rewarding armor, weapons or upgrades of weapons. Each mission takes only a short time to complete, so the quality of the rewards you receive makes the time spent worth.

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Those rewards that you earn by completing the side quests will definitely help you complete the campaign, so accept any optional missions you come across. They are a joy to play and introduce you to aspects of the story that cannot be found anywhere else in the game.

9 Defensive Strategy – Geothermal Valley Village

rise of the tomb raider lara collection hardwood

The Defensive Strategy Mission is one of the quickest to complete and is located in the village of Geothermal Valley. To activate the quest, talk to the builder remains, which will be located near the base camp of Valley Farmstead. He will tell you that he needs four pieces of hardwood and four deer skins.

Chances are you already have them since hunting is an integral part of the game, but if not, there will be deer that you can hunt not far from the village. You complete the quest by returning these objects to the constructor. Completing the Defensive Strategy will give you the Battle Worn outfit, which unfortunately isn’t one of the best outfits in the game.


8 Erroneous Information – Lumbar Support

Tomb Raider mounted gun for the carrier bird

Wrong Intelligence can only be unlocked after completing the Unlucky side mission. To complete this quest, you’re tasked with finding and slaughtering a carrier bird, which contains information that can help the Remnants prepare against Trinity. This bird has decided not to come to the aid of those who need it most because of the radio towers which disturb the bird’s sense of direction.

You will receive a Shotgun Spreader Choke for completing the Wrong Intelligence, which tightens the spread for more targeted damage against enemies.

seven A hearty meal – Cabin near the valley river

rise of the tomb raider lara aiming a boar with his bow

In the cabin of the Hunter Remnant, it will ask you again to help in the village; This time, the hunter asked the meat of two boars and asks you to pick four mushrooms to feed the villagers. Just keep in mind that this quest can only be accessed after completing the first Interruption of Surveillance. The map should help you find these things if you have trouble, although it is relatively easy to find them yourself.

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They are not too far from the cabin and the use of survival instinct will help them to follow them. The mission will also reward you with holding hunter you will need if you want to get all achievements of the game.

6 Surveillance Disruption – Cabin near Valley River

rise of the tomb raider lara aiming at drone

Outside a cabin next to the river Geothermal Valley, you will see a Remnant hunter who will ask you to cut down recently spotted drones to survey the valley. The locations of these drones will be marked by flashing green circles on your card, and they are easy to remove. This will reward you with the ancient horn Arc, an unusually large bow if the rate of fire is where you focus.

The mission is simple, but the idea of ​​these drones collecting information from the remains adds a layer of discomfort that you don’t find much else in side missions.

5 Dangerous territory – Soviet installation

rise of the tomb raider Lara shining light in cave

To find the Dangerous Territory quest giver, search for the wounded soldier Remnant near a hut near the Soviet instillation. He’ll call you when you get close to him and is just outside of a main story mission. The man asked to clean a wolf den, so the Remnants have a safe hiding place if the invaders back. Before rushing to take out the wolves, prepare poison arrows first and stock up on your usual arrows. There are five to kill in total, so make sure you keep dodging and don’t get trapped by them.

After killing all the wolves, return to the Remnant Man, and he will give you pistol sights. While not the most useful accessory (since it only allows for a slightly larger zoom with the weapon), the quest itself provides some fun and challenge.

4 Communication Breakdown – Logging Camp

rise of the tomb raider Lara completing the secondary mission

The first secondary mission that you’re most likely to encounter is Communication Breakdown, where a mysterious man (then) ask your help. The man will tell you how his people closed an old radio tower, but there are still repeaters in the area that keep connected – once the mission is accepted, the locations of these towers will be placed on your map. Go to these five places, break the towers and return to the man to collect your reward.

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The quest is not only very fun to play, but also offers one additional best items available in the game; the picking. With this hook, you can open chests and lockers containing padlock that you were previously inaccessible.

3 The unlucky – Camp loggers

rise of the tomb raider Lara rescuing two prisoners

Go to the logging camp where a Remnant you tell the story of the capture of two of its people. The man said that they “knew the risks,” but no matter, it will not let die. The mission has a lot of heart and you can see how the Remnants have the respect and trust for each other. If you accept the mission, head to the marker on the map, which leads you to a former Soviet base. Fight the enemies there and you will come across the place where the prisoners are being held.

Enter the room, free the prisoners and return to the Remnant to collect your reward. It will give you the Infiltrator held that, once fitted, will reduce the time before Lara begins to regenerate his health. The mission is one of the best Rise and Lara provides an outfit that will help him in future battles.

2 Gulag Recon – Soviet installation

rise of the tomb raider lara crouching

The quest giver Gulag Recon will be in the cave you have previously cleaned during dangerous territory. Enter the cave and a remnant asked to enter in a former prison and retrieve all the information you can find. There are still some members of Trinity in the old jail hanging around. Take them out quietly and search information. The items you find are; Plans for troop movement, schedules guards and evidence of archaeological discoveries.

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Once you have all of these items, head back into the cave and you will be given a Rifle Suppressor. The suppressor will dampen gun firing noises, making it especially useful for stealth scenarios that also require high firepower.

1 Ancient Secrets – Ruins Camp

Rise of Tomb Raider Lara Talking to Quest Giver

Beside the village Remnant are some ruins; enter these ruins and you will see a remnant that will offer a trade. Complete all of the challenge tombs available in the game and the woman will reward you. You will receive ten gold coins after each tomb you complete, but you will also receive an item after all challenge tombs are completed. When you’ve completed all nine tombs in the challenge, return to the Remnant and she’ll reward you with the Sacra Umbra outfit.

Sacra Umbra is arguably the best outfit in the game because of how cool it looks, especially in combat. The outfit also reduces the time it takes for Lara to start regenerating her health.

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