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After 3 years of crisis, the expectations for the real estate market in the country are of a favorable scenario for growth in the next 5 years . The reasons are diverse, among them the recovery of the national economy , lower interest rates and greater supply of bank credit . So if you want to realize the dream of homeownership , the time is now. Want to know more about loans to build? So check out this article.

Cheap Construction 


It is possible to get a loan to build in several banks, and with Itaú is no different. Part of the major banks and one of the leading banks in the country, Good Finance has been providing services to Brazilians for nearly a century.

The service offered by Itaú for those who need to build, decorate or renovate is Cheap Construction . To contract this line of credit, you must be an account holder of Itaú and have a pre-approved limit .

Once hired, using Cheap Construction is simple. You will receive a card that can be used in approximately 148,000 stores nationwide within the first 6 months of hiring. Interest will be computed only on the amount used.

The loan repayment term is 2 to 54 months, and the installments are debited from the checking account. Interest rates range from 3 to 6.01% per month. To hire Cheap Construction , just go to GF website, go to an ATM or bank branch.

Itaú also has a credit advisor : an online resource for assessing which financial product is best suited to your profile. Make your appointment.

Loan to build with Good Finance


Another option for those who need to buy building materials or planned furniture is the Good Finance credit .

This type of loan can be used to build, renovate or decorate. Upon credit approval, it can be used at merchants accredited with your Cielo flag card . In these establishments, the amount to be used can be up to R $ 50 thousand, and the first installment can be paid after up to 180 days and in up to 54 installments.

In other establishments, the amount used is up to $ 10,000, with payment of the first installment after up to 59 days and up to 48 times.

To use the service, you must be an account holder of Good Finance and have the Ourocard card . To use it, apply for the credit function and pass the card with your password. If your card also has the credit function, do not worry as the credit card limit will not be affected.

It is possible to make a simulation through the BB website. The minimum amount to be funded is $ 500.00 and the maximum is $ 50,000. Installment options are at least $ 10.00 , 2 to 54 times.

Easy Construction


Another alternative among the big banks is the building loan offered by Good Finance: 

This line of chalk itself is unique to an individual, and can be used to finance up to 100% of the work, considering the sum of all stages. To contract the financing, it is not necessary to present a percentage of the work started.

Interest rates vary according to the amount borrowed. For loans from R $ 40 thousand to R $ 500 thousand, the interest is 10.5% per year + reference rate (TR). For credit above this amount, the rate is 11.5 aa + TR .

Among the requirements for credit approval are the approval of the architectural project by the responsible agency, the amount borrowed must correspond to at least 25% of the value of the completed property and the deed must be in the name of the proponent.

This product is exclusively for Van Gogh customers of Good Finance. The minimum amount of financing is $ 20,000, and the minimum value of finished property must be valued at least $ 40,000. The funding should be a minimum of one year and a maximum of 35 years. The construction period should be up to 15 months, divided into up to 5 steps.

Upon completion of the work, FGTS can be used to amortize the financing, in the case of properties valued at up to R $ 500 thousand.

Different loan options to build

Different loan options to build

As you have seen, there are different loan markets in the financial market to build. Here we present the products of Good Finance, Good Finance and Good Finance. The products are quite different from each other, as are the interest rates. Run simulations, research other options, and choose the one that suits you best.

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